Behind and inside Monos.

Monia Filippetti’s creativity.

Monia Filippetti

If the attitude to change and non-conformism could be communicated through colours, Monia Filippetti would certainly know which nuances to choose.

Stylist and designer, she completed her training at “Accademia di Moda e Costume” in Rome, but her personal and professional growth path is constantly evolving.

Monia, passionate about colour psychology, has long been studying and understanding how colour influences perception, human emotions and behaviours.

Perhaps for this reason, in 2019, during the national lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic, at a time when the world seemed to be fading, she decided – in total contrast to other companies – to invest in a project which would bring colour, creativity and energy back at the heart of a new activity.

From her love for art, combined with her passion for fashion, an idea was born that became a proper Brand.

It is called Monos and it is the way in which the stylist reinvents the scarf taking inspiration from Picasso’s cubism. Silk becomes a canvas on which to transfer artworks according to her own sensibility and creative inspiration and the scarf, from accessory, becomes a must have that defines the style of a woman who loves to stand out and catalyse attention.

Monia, with her “cromofashion” – neologism created by her – does not like to follow trends, she prefers to guide them by being inspired by the world of art which, through a wise combination of colours and forms, she transforms into fashion.

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